The Blue Lagoon

The visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland was surreal.  The moment I walked in, I knew it would be an experience to remember. The temperature that day was a cool 55 degrees F. Once I entered the lagoon, it was like everything melted away.


The water wasn’t like the showers I had back in the states, there was an indescribable difference.  The warm water combined with the cold air made a contrast that just felt wonderful. Getting out was the tough part though. So tough that I didn’t get out until three hours later after I turned into a shriveled prune.


After being in the lagoon, I took a shower. Taking a shower in Iceland is like giving your skin a massage. The water isn’t processed through a water filtering system. It’s all taken directly from the earth and smells very minerally but feels very good.

The Blue Lagoon was amazing.  I hope to be back in the near future.