Surfing Downtown Missoula

Ever think you would find surfing in downtown Missoula, MT? Montana was voted #3 on America’s Best River Towns list in 2014 from Fodor’s Travel Guide. I took a stroll into the main Missoula down N. Higgins Ave to Caras Park and found plenty of restaurants, bikers, tubers, and yes – surfers.


A look down N. Higgins Ave

The Clark Fork River runs right through downtown Missoula and it’s one place you can find tubers, fly fisherman and surfers all converging at once. There’s a small drop-off which causes a sort of wave that tubers will go over end over end, and where surfers will try to drop in to catch a ride on their board.

Here’s a couple that didn’t quite make it. Although she did a little better than him.

IMG_2588IMG_2589IMG_2590 About a 100 yards up river, just before this little set of rapids, you can find fly-fisherman catching trout (I think they were trout).

IMG_2651Not only that but you can find musicians playing some tunes. I was fortunate enough to run these two in the middle of a bit of a serenade.

IMG_2612Also, it looks to be a great spot to hang out with a few friends for a picnic.

IMG_2580 IMG_2575

And I’m just throwing this in there because I really like the lighting, but unfortunately the scene wasn’t as pleasing. I’m pretty sure this is a break-up. Whatever he’s saying, she doesn’t like it.

IMG_2681And of course, I have to follow up that picture with a couple of furry pals to brighten the mood.

IMG_2600 IMG_2684

I capped off the evening with dinner at El Cazador which is right off of N. Higgins Ave. I got the Chicken el Mole which is a chicken dish in a thick peanut butter sauce with a side of rice, beans, tortillas and lettuce and tomatoes. It was a flavor explosion.

Side note – I had to go to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate a successful launch of the project I’ve been working on for the last four months –!


Downtown Missoula has a really great friendly feel and a lively atmosphere. I’d recommend taking a stroll down N. Higgins Ave. if you’re in the area.