Paris Recap – The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

  • Average Price for a Dinner: $24.00 or 18 Euros – I did a nice dinner 3 nights.
  • Average Daily Spending: $88/ day

The Good

  • My AirBnb host – The location was excellent. Right in the middle of Paris so I felt I was able to fully immerse myself. Plus my hosts, Anne-Chloe and Olivier were awesome and super helpful with anything I needed. Merci Olivier and Anne-Chloe!
  • French Apricots – I’ve had at least 5 each day. They’re out of this world!
  • The Croissants – Of course!
  • The Bakeries – There’s a bakery practically on every corner in Paris. It’s like Starbucks back home. Every morning I went to the bakery kitty corner from where I was staying. My favorite so far has been a chocolate cream cheese croissant and a fried banana croissant.
  • The Streets of Paris – There’s something magical about walking the streets of Paris. Every corner you turn there’s something to see.

The Bad

  • Smell – Although there’s a lot of great smells like fresh bakeries, you’ll frequently run into smells of raw sewage.
  • Language Barrier – Many of the people I talked to knew some English, however, I was never completely comfortable ordering food or asking for directions.

The Funny

  • One day I was sitting on a bench and a guy dressed in a suit approached me and asked me to take a picture of him with his camera phone. Then he started modeling and asked me to take about 20 more shots, after which he asked me to take pictures with his actual camera. I had to stop him.
  • Mercedes Benz Taxis – Only in Paris will you find taxi drivers driving a Benz!

It’s a really great place, but I’m not sure I’ll be back unless I learn French.