Le Blé Noir Crêperie, Biarritz

Out of all the restaurants and meals I had in France, this place was at the top of my list. The view and the food can’t be beat. I stayed 1 week in Biarritz and found this place on my second day. I was back every night the rest of my stay.

The restaurant is located directly in front of the Rocher du Basta which is a path that leads to a bridge, then a point. This is the bridge and a silhouette of the point:



The view from the patio of the restaurant is unbeatable just like their food.


Though they specialize in all sorts of Crêpes (which I had plenty of), my favorite was the salad. Here’s a salad that I had. You might think, it’s just a salad, what’s the big deal? But believe me, it’s a flavor explosion. Everything was so crisp and fresh.


Finally, I topped it off with a beer and a caramel ice cream desert (confession: I had this desert every night). I’m going to go as far as to say that this was the best desert I had in France. The caramel was made in house…that’s right, HOMEMADE Caramel.


Lastly, the staff was fantastic. Marilyn, if you’re reading this, give me a shout!