Lake Minnewanka – Banff National Park

If you want to get lost in the beauty of nature, take a trip to Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park which is about 15 minutes Northwest of Canmore (where I’m currently staying). The lake is 21 miles wide and around 460 feet deep.  It was actually raised 30 feet in 1941 as a dam was built for hydro electric power and now serves as a destination for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts worldwide.


My chariot.


First stop, just over the first bridge entering from the Southwest end of the lake.


Go a little further and you’ll see this at the second stop.



This is actually Johnson Lake near Lake Minnewanka.

  1. Roy Stromquist says:

    Beeeautiful! I vaguely remember being there (Banff National Park, that is) back in ’62, I think, when we went to Seattle.

    Nice pics Chris. GBY and Happy Trails!

    • boundlessnomad says:

      Hola Uncle Roy! Yeah, it was pretty incredible out there. Just a tad different from back home. Oh, there was a rock shop right in downtown Banff that I think you would’ve enjoyed. Many preciouses! Hope all is well back home!

  2. Jessica Pai says:

    Hi, This is Jessica from Taiwan. Remember we met at Vermilion Lake? It was nice meeting you.
    I enjoy your photo very much!

    • boundlessnomad says:

      Hi Jessica, yes, of course! Great meeting you too. Unforgettable location there. Hope those shots of yours turned out well!
      And thank you!