Is This Real Life? The Reality of Reality TV

One of my favorite videos on YouTube is of David – whom you see above who is barely conscious after a visit to the dentist with his dad. Some of his hilarious quotes:

“I didn’t feel anything.”

“I can’t see anything.”


And the famous:

“Is This Real Life?”

Well, after watching this on a Friday night, I flipped on the tube and started channel surfing. It was amazing to me how many reality shows encountered.

It was absolutely mind numbing. I thought about David and some of the funny statements he made and asked myself how many people, myself included, are living life where they “don’t feel anything” or “can’t see anything” since they’re spending all their time living vicariously through reality shows.

Not only that, but when we’re not watching reality shows, we’re on our cell phones browsing the latest headlines are funny cat videos. When we’re not on our phones, we’re on our computers browsing more cat videos or Facebook. Then there’s the latest video games, gadgets, smart watches, the list goes on.

Here is an interesting article on the question, “Does watching The Bachelor affect Your Brain?” and a summary of a study that was done:

A 2012 study in the journal Mass Communication and Science found that the more people believe in portrayals of romance shown on TV, the less committed they are to their own relationship. Furthermore, the study showed that the more people believe in the magical romance as seen on TV (Lorelei and Luke on Gilmore Girls, anyone? Just us?), the more a person believes their IRL relationship is costing them their own time and freedom — and, perhaps most troubling, the more physically unattractive they suddenly find their own partner.

If you stopped for moment and put down your phone, closed your computer, turned off your tablet, you’d probably look around and ask yourself, “The hell am I doing?” The tough part is learning how to snap out of it.

So take a moment right now. Do something different, one thing, that requires you to turn off the internet. Yes, that’s right. Close your computer right after you read this post and ponder: Do I really need to watch Kim Kardashian at this moment? How is it benefiting me? What am I doing in my life today that will benefit me tomorrow? I assure you it has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, or The Bachelor.