Goodbye Milan, Hello Swiss Alps

Sitting on that bench, I couldn’t believe that I was looking out on that scene. It felt like I could touch the clouds.

I just arrived in Switzerland last night from Milan – got a good nights rest and a good breakfast, so I set out to do some hiking. I decided to do the “Rothorn 5 Seenweg” hike which is a 7.6 km descent down the Swiss Alps from Rothorn. Rothorn is a ski lift drop-off point which is about 3103 meters or 10,386 feet above sea level. The 5 Seenweg is a hiking trail that visits 5 lakes. I got a few pictures of the ones I thought were the most photogenic.

To give you some perspective of the hike, Zermatt sits at about 1,620 meters or 5,314 feet above sea level so I hiked 1 mile in altitude and around 12 km or 7.5 miles in distance from Rothorn down to Zermatt taking a total time of about 5 hours. Honestly, I wouldn’t do the full hike down to Zermatt again because my knees are killing me and would instead take the lift back down to Zermatt, but still glad I did it.  It was quite cloudy so I couldn’t get any pictures of Matterhorn, but the clouds made for some cool shots.

Oh, and I kind of broke a basic hiking rule which I read about later: Don’t Hike Alone! (especially in the Swiss Alps). Thankfully, aside from a couple really sore knees, I made it out ok.

The train up the mountain:


One of the lakes (Grindjisee) from the hike:


Some mountain goats.


Sunnegga – First drop-off point before heading up to Rothorn


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