Europe Trip Summary

I’ve been back for over a month now and I’m currently going through a bit of adventure travel withdrawal. I’m finding it really difficult to get back into a routine. Yes, I’m back on the job market, but I haven’t committed to anything yet. A large part of me wants to hit the road again. Another part of me says it’s time to get a job and fall back into line. Oh, what to do.

Back to the subject – a summary of my trip to Europe:

  • I visited 11 countries spanning 2 and a half months – Iceland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Germany, and Brussels.
  • 12,000 total miles traveled by plane, train, and automobile.
  • Over 300 miles on foot.
  • Over 7,800 photos taken.
  • A total cost of $14,500.
  • Favorite locations in no particular order (can’t have just one!)
    • London, UK
      • Big Ben, Natural History Museum, Eye of London, The Thames River
      • Pubs, oh the pubs!
      • And the markets – Camden and Portabella market were amazing.
      • Ironically, the payaya here was better than the payaya I had in Barcelona.
    • Biarritz, France – The food, the people and the surf! Food. Amazing.
    • Paris, France – Where do I begin? The bakeries, the smells, the atmosphere…all of it.
    • Manarola, Italy – Walking around here was magical. Overlooking the ocean and Manarola at night was unforgettable.
    • Hallstatt, Austria – Straight up movie set, yo. This place didn’t seem real. And the B&B I stayed at was wonderful. Taking the gondolla up to the 5 fingers and overlooking Hallstatt and Obertraun were unforettable. Only thing I regret is not doing the paragliding. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to go back and visit.
    • Zermatt, Switzerland – The 5 Lakes Hike down to Zermatt and the Glacier Express ride from Zermatt to St. Moritz were amazing.
    • Celerina, Switzerland – A hidden gem. I remember taking a nap next to a river with some Swiss cows mooing in the background.
    • Jokuarlson, Iceland – Waterfalls, rivers, glaciers and more waterfalls. Also, the Blue Lagoon were all amazing.
    • Prague, Czech Republic – Good beer, good food, and it’s super affordable.
    • Milan, Italy – Gelato ice cream, beautiful people, the Milan Cathedral, the oldest shopping mall in the world, and the amazing food.

That’s all folks. Gotta start preparing for the next one!