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The Westminster Abby

On my first day in London I went to the Westminster Abby.  No, I didn’t see Prince William or Kate Middleton although I was hopeful. The cost to get in was 18 Euros or $24 – a bit steep in my opinion, but it was quite incredible inside.  They didn’t allow any photography once inside and there were men in …

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A Dog Named Marley

I got into London late around 10pm and was walking aimlessly trying to find my room. I got a text from Oli, my AirBnb host, which had the directions on how to get there. He also texted me this: “Beware of the dog!” “Hmmm”…I said to myself. I really didn’t know what to expect, but surely it couldn’t be a big dog that would physically harm me, right?

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AirBnb London Review

Cost: $288.00 Duration: 7 days/6 nights Type: Private Room/Single Bed Bathroom: Shared Link: My stay at London was with Oli, a longtime violinist who’s played with artists like Stevie Wonder. He had a few roommates as well and was currently doing some construction on a new studio in his house. The place was very unique and had a relaxed …

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