Iceland is a place where beauty surrounds you. Waterfalls, glaciers, and lush green vegetation in summer are just a few of the sights to behold.


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The Blue Lagoon

The visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland was surreal.  The moment I walked in, I knew it would be an experience to remember. The temperature that day was a cool 55 degrees F. Once I entered the lagoon, it was like everything melted away. The water wasn’t like the showers I had back in the states, there was an indescribable …

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The Drive to Jökulsárlón

This was one of the most incredible scenic drives I’ve ever been on.  I left at 8am this morning and didn’t get back until 3am.  I drove nearly 700 miles in one day and kept stopping every 20 minutes. My goals were to get an ice shot at Jökulsárlón and Gulfoss waterfalls, but I got a whole lot more. Seljalandsfoss Falls Road …

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Hallgrimskirkja Church

My first day in Iceland I was able to spend some time over at Hallgrimskirkja Church. The church is literally a couple blocks away and was viewable from my bedroom window. And it was pretty amazing stepping inside. The ceilings must have been at least 50 feet up to the top. The church is just ridiculously massive.  When standing from …

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