Visiting France for two weeks was not enough. I visited Paris and Biarritz for a week. Paris is just as you see it in the movies - magical.

I loved waking up in the morning and walking by the fresh bakeries, grabbing a chocolate croissant for breakfast, then walking to the coffee shop next door for an Espresso.

Biarritz was another amazing place in France. It’s located on the most Southwest side of France about 30 minutes from the border of Spain. If San Diego and Paris had a baby, Biarritz would be their child. My favorite place was a small cafe called Le Blé Noir Crêperie overlooking the ocean the served the best salads and a desert that was unduplicatable.

Places in France

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A Biarritz Sunset

The Biarritz Lighthouse or Phare de Biarritz can be seen anywhere from the beaches of Biarritz so I had to make the hike out there to check it out. There was a storm in the distance so I was a little concerned I’d get wet, but it stayed away and turned out to be a stunning sunset. Here are some shots from the cliffs …

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First Day in Biarritz

Imagine the beaches of San Diego combined with the food of Paris. That’s the feeling I get here. I took the Eurorail to Biarritz and jumped onto a bus that took me to my AirBnb location. I was there a bit early so I was able to walk around a bit and get a few shots. The first thing I did …

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Paris Recap – The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Average Price for a Dinner: $24.00 or 18 Euros – I did a nice dinner 3 nights. Average Daily Spending: $88/ day The Good My AirBnb host – The location was excellent. Right in the middle of Paris so I felt I was able to fully immerse myself. Plus my hosts, Anne-Chloe and Olivier were awesome and super helpful with …

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