Tourmaline Surf Park

This is a great place if you're a beginner and have transportation and a board. There isn't a place to rent at the park, but there are plenty of surf shops about 1 mile South in Pacific Beach.

The waves here fold over nice without a ton of pitch although there are days where some slabs do roll through.

Most days will give you some nice 2-3 footers to hop on. Once you’re done, there are a couple nice showers where you can take a quick rinse.

If you’re not into surfing, you can always bring a towel or chair and take a fiver on the beach.

There is one thing – it’s pretty rocky the further North you go so if you don’t have surf booties, tred carefully.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Tourmaline for beginner to intermediate surfers and anyone wanting to get some sun.

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