AirBnb London Review

Cost: $288.00
Duration: 7 days/6 nights
Type: Private Room/Single Bed
Bathroom: Shared

My stay at London was with Oli, a longtime violinist who’s played with artists like Stevie Wonder. He had a few roommates as well and was currently doing some construction on a new studio in his house. The place was very unique and had a relaxed vibe. His roommates were all very laid back, friendly, and welcoming.

The place I stayed was a small cabin in his backyard that had a bed and radio. By small I mean I could touch both walls with my hands widthwise, but it was very cozy. The first few nights was the best sleep I’ve had in months.

A couple minor downsides. One is that the bathroom is located in the main house so you have to make a trek outside through the backyard and up the steps to shower. I didn’t find this a huge deal, just a minor inconvenience.  The second is that I started to get a little claustrophobic on the last couple nights.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you want a unique experience but I wouldn’t do it for a week. 5 days/4 nights would be perfect.

The door to the cabin

A view of the inside of the cabin


4 out of 5.