A Dog Named Marley

I got into London late around 10pm and was walking aimlessly trying to find my room. I got a text from Oli, my AirBnb host, which had the directions on how to get there. He also texted me this: “Beware of the dog!” “Hmmm”…I said to myself. I really didn’t know what to expect, but surely it couldn’t be a big dog that would physically harm me, right?


Marley, a fierce bark, but a teddy bear at heart.

Well, I found the place, knocked on the door and heard a series of very aggressive and intimidating barks that were not from your average Chihuahua. This was a big dog. Oli opened the door and greeted me while at the same time tried to hold the dog back from coming at me, but no luck. Kujo broke through and ran at me. His paws were as big as my fist. I stood still and as calm as I could although the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up. He bumped his bear-like nose into my dangling hand. For a second I thought he was going to bite down, and I was already getting out my phone with my other hand to dial 911 (finding out later it’s 999), but thankfully he didn’t. Oli grabbed him and wrestled him into a separate room and I was able to get my heart rate back down.


My AirBnb cabin

We talked for a bit and he led me to my room which was in his backyard. The room was just what I wanted. It was so small I could spread my arms and touch both walls with my arms still bent, but it was very cozy. The bathroom was upstairs in the main house so this was the only inconvenience, but it really wasn’t a big deal.

The next day, I woke up after a great nights’ sleep and wondered whether Kujo was outside ready to bite my face off. I peeked outside the window, noticed it was all clear and headed into the main house to shower. And there he was, on the couch all sprawled out and not even noticing me. He got up and sniffed me, then wagged his tail and acted as if he wanted to play. Whew! I met Steve, Oli’s friend who was in the kitchen making some food. He was Marley’s owner and was much more relaxed with Steve around.



In the end, it was a great AirBnb experience in London, and was great to make new canine friend even with the rough start.