7/19 Finance Update

Believe it or not, I’ve done better in Switzerland – the most expensive place in Europe – than anywhere else so far. Reason: it was too expensive so I didn’t spend! Instead, I went to the markets and bought groceries, then made lunch and dinner each night, and only went hiking and walked around town which were at no cost. The only major expense was for the train and lift tickets up to Rothorn which is where I did the 5 lakes hike.

I just purchased my plane ticket back home so that really drained the last of my budget. I’m adding a bit more so I can make sure I have enough to last the rest of the trip.

  • Milan Daily Expense Average – $62.50/day for 4 days
    Breakfast was included, but I ate out for lunch and dinner.
  • Switzerland Daily Expense Average – $30/day for 7 days
    I bought food at the local grocery store and ate out only a couple times.

Balance: $1250

Added: $2,000

Current Balance: $4000.