$13 for a Big Mac Meal?

I walked into a McDonald’s in Zermatt curious to see if it was true – a Big Mac meal around 12 or 13 bucks. Sure enough, it was 11.5 Swiss Franks or around $13 for a Big Mac meal. So, no thanks McDonald’s, I won’t having a Big Mac tonight. As far as local restaurants, the average dinner is about 20 Swiss Franks. I hear the portions are quite healthy but I’m not paying $25 to find out.

So this is the first time on my trip where I’m not eating out and resorting to the local market for food. Thankfully the market has more reasonable prices – not U.S. prices, but better than eating out. I just bought dinner for about 8 Swiss Franks which included a tomatoe/ham macaroni salad, a strawberry yogurt, a large chocolate milk, some vegetables, and a large bottle of water.

The next day, I bought some sandwich meat, bread rolls, pudding, chips, fruit, and a 6 pack of water for around 15 Swiss Franks or around $17. This was 3 days worth of lunch and dinner – or 6 meals.

That’s how to make your dollar go a lot farther in Switzerland, and much healthier than eating at McDonald’s.