11 Hours with Japan Airlines to Tokyo

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's a disdain for long international flights.

Unless you’re financially capable of flying business or first class, taking an 11 hour flight to Tokyo wouldn’t be at the top of anyone’s list.

Enter Japan Airlines. On my trip to Bali, the first leg was to Tokyo where I rode on that 11 hour flight with said airline.

So how’d they do? In a word, awesome. The service on every level was stellar and I was just a guy riding coach.

Let’s start at the top. I arrived 2 hours early and proceeded to check in. There were only a couple people ahead of me so there was only a short 5 minute wait. When I got to the front, the next available service agent greeted me with a warm smile.



My seat with plenty of leg room 🙂

I always think up the worst scenario for so I waited I imagined myself middle seat between to sumo wrestlers. Instead, she then showed me what seating was available and I opted for the emergency exit row window seat. Two words – leg room. I’m 6’3″ so that was huge.

After getting through security check I grabbed a bite and a drink then made my way to the gate. We boarded after a bit and took off. Everything went smoothly.

So overall it sounds like what airline would do, but here were my favorite parts of the flight:

I thought airplane food was supposed to be nasty. Not on this flight though. Two meals were served. Two meals! A lunch was served about an hour in followed by constant drinks and snacks.


Meal #1 – Chicken main dish with a bunch of sides. All were really good.


Meal #2 – Slightly smaller than the first but really good.


Desert 🙂



Watching a little movie action.

Each seat came with it’s own media center where there was a large selection of movies, tv shows, music and flight tracker. I ended up watching Creed, Spectre and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain Osaka episode. Hey, it was a long flight. Don’t judge.


Looks like night time but it was actually around 1pm.

Window Tint

This was actually my favorite part of the flight since I haven’t experienced it before. Instead of the  normal window cover that you slide down to block out the sun, there was a digital control to increase the tint on the window. So nstead of a bright sun or complete pitch black, it actually simulates night when you look out the window.

USB Charger
This is pretty common now days but I always appreciate it since I carry a ton of electronics.

As mentioned, since I got an exit row, I had a ton of room and ability to get up/sit down anytime without disturbing my neighbor.

I really had no downsides to this flight and those 11 hours went by quick. Highly recommend Japan Airlines.